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You are one of less than a handful of people that I confidence in what they are telling me. I can honestly tell you that I think you’re the best agent I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Really. It’s easy to accentuate the positives of just about anything or any product, but the truth or actual value lies in knowing both the upside and downside to be able to accurately evaluate it, at least that’s the way I see it. Your last response raised my confidence even more because you’re not selling me anything anymore, but you are reinforcing that I made the right decision. Actually, you made it, but I bought it more because I believe in you vs really understanding what I really have. I get mental barriers to some things where even simple concepts can’t seem to penetrate my dumb wall. Maybe because it is completely new and I have zero experience with anything related to elder care. I hope you’re around in 25 or 30 years when I call you and mumble about what coverage I have for this or that!.?? Thanks for being there to help me with this important decision for my future.

Matt Sussman helped me and I my wife with all the questions we had about Long Term Health Care Insurance. He was honest, patient and extremely knowledgeable. He helped us find a LTHC company plan that was best for us. By the time he was done supporting us, we had asked many questions adding up to hours of time he spent with us. He has been great and cares about your situation. Fantastic support!

I am so very happy that you were successful in helping me to obtain a long-term care insurance policy from Mutual of Omaha. It was a long, and arduous process due to my personal circumstances. Despite all of the detours, and setbacks, you worked tirelessly on my behalf. Your wonderful efforts have given me great peace of mind. I sincerely, “Thank you,” for all of your hard work. It has been a pleasure working with you. I will most heartily recommend you to my friends and family. Thank you, again.

Matt Sussman is a great insurance agent with integrity and good knowledge of insurance solutions. He learned that I couldn't be accepted for long care insurance immediately, but advised that I try 6 months later after reducing my medications. In the meantime, he sold me a "short term health care" policy to fill the gap from that moment until I would be able to get long term care insurance. I was 61 and in good health, and had never needed anything like nursing care before. I felt that I'd be fine waiting another year to get long-term care insurance since I wouldn't need it for at least another decade. But the short term policy was inexpensive and I bought it even though I was sure I wouldn't need it. In the spring of 2018 Mr. Sussman called to say we should start the application process for long term care now that I was off of the medication. On June 27 I was in a car accident and severely broke my right leg. I had to keep my leg elevated 24/7, had two surgeries, and was confined to bed for a few months. To take the burden off of my husband and adult daughter, we hired a home health aide to help out with my care for a couple of months. The short term policy Mr. Sussman had recommended for me kicked in right away and my care was completely covered. At practically the same time, he called to say that I had been approved for long term care insurance. Mr. Sussman was great to work with and saved me and my family a lot of worry and expense with a policy I never dreamed I would have needed so soon given my age and health. I'm ever grateful.

Agent easy to work with and very helpful in answering my many questions

I recently purchased long-term care insurance utilizing the extensive knowledge and professionalism of Matt Sussman. This insurance plan was a bit confusing, but Matt was patient and well-versed in explaining the salient points and issues. I felt that he was trustworthy and thoughtful. It was a pleasure working with him and I would highly recommend him as a trusted advisor. Impeccable customer service.

Matt was a great help with our Long Term Care policy. He started with an explanation of what is covered and what our best options would be. After that he worked with us to fill out the application forms and helped set up the interviews with the insurance company. There was a lot to do to complete the process but Matt was there with us all the way. I was apprehensive about using an agent I found online but after the entire process I feel positive that all of our information was safe and there wasn't a chance of having it compromised. I would highly recommend Matt if you are in the market for this or any other kind of insurance. Thanks Matt for helping us through!

Comparing LONG TERM CARE Insurance and buying was made painless by Matt Sussman. He was responsive and very helpful. As noted by others, Matt explained various options in detail and guided towards a reasonable decision. I would be happy to refer anyone of my associates/colleagues to Matt.

Buying LONG TERM CARE Insurance from Matt Sussman could not have been better or more Professional. Matt explained everything in detail, was not pushy, very knowledgeable, GREAT follow-up and seemed very concerned they we were please with our decision--GREAT person to do business with. Thanks for your time Matt-you went THE EXTRA MILE TO MAKE sure the I's were dotted and the T's were crossed with OUR NEW POLICY. Thanks again Matt!!!

Matt Sussman helped me through the process to get long-term care insurance. I travel a lot and was not able to always respond to Matt's calls and emails in a timely manner, but he persisted and 6 months later I was approved and have a LTC policy. Matt was great to work with. I highly recommend him if you have insurance needs.

Mr. Matt Sussman provided excellent service and was very flexible and persistent in working with different insurance companies (and overcoming obstacles) over an 11 month period to gain a LTC policy for my wife. Matt truly has the best interests of his clients at heart. I strongly recommended Mr. Sussman.

When we had our first set of children, we started to think alot about the legacy we will leave behind. Matt Sussman did an amazing job at putting together a package that makes sense for our family. Thank you AIP!

Matt Sussman and the team at AIP are nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for Long Term Care, Short Term Care, or Life Insurance

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